Top High School Choices in Philippines

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Posted 2 years ago

It is almost every student’s aspiration in Philippines to enter the Big 4 Universities in Manila – University of the Philippines (state-funded), Ateneo de Manila University (private), De La Salle University (private) and University of Santo Tomas (private). At Kinderful, we would like to help parents in Philippines understand which schools provide the best chance to enter the Big 4 Universities.

First, let’s look at the types of schools that are available.

  1. Private catholic schools (gender-exclusive)
  2. Schools founded by Filippino-Chinese (better Chinese education, good networking platform)
  3. State-funded Science-based schools (good number of scholars born out of these schools)
  4. International schools (open doors to colleges in the US or Europe)

We’ve now shortlisted a list of high schools to help parents pick the best high schools.

De La Salle University  (DLSU) recently partnered 11 school (see below). Under this partnership, DLSU faculty will be sent to the partner schools to teach classes, mentor senior high school teachers so they can teach subjects at the requisite DLSU standards.

In addition to the above, we’ve gathered feedback from local students and parents to recommend other good public and private schools:




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Top High School Choices in Philippines

This article helps parents in Philippines understand which high schools provide the best route to enter the Big 4 Universities.

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